VIDEO: COVID Culture genius or COVIDiocy?

VIDEO: COVID Culture genius or COVIDiocy?
Reacting to the Trump vaccines and the promise of stepping out on lockdown probation. Or something. The Holderness Family video, YouTube

So this happened.

In case you’re skeptical: yes, it really happened.

It seems to be a fair question whether it’s a brilliant satire on parody or an earnest attempt to be funny.  For those who don’t recognize the tune, it’s from the animated movie Frozen.  Which for a certain contingent of readers will explain a lot.

LU is presenting you the long version of the video (there are shorter clips circulating), because it includes outtakes at the end and an advertising spot for merchandise, as seen during the performance.  Go ahead, watch; we’re not kidding about that.

No conclusion about the nature of this cultural artifact is offered here.  Only the brief meditation that there’s been an advertising and performance industry aspect to COVID-19 from the first days of the lockdown a year ago.  It seemed a bit suspicious at the time.  The lockdown was supposed to be “15 days to slow the spread,” yet news outlets across the country immediately began carrying syndicated content bubbling and frothing about lockdown life, as if it were something interesting to dish about, as opposed to being disruptive, costly, and vaguely ominous.

There’s a perception that we’re being “nudged” as a society toward permanent changes.  Some are committed to resisting the nudge.  Others look for ways to celebrate, or at least find silver linings.  We don’t claim to know where this video would fall on the spectrum.  We’ll let readers decide.

Addendum: Well, and then there’s this. (H/t: BizPacReview)

We apologize in every language, ancient and modern.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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