Biden, asked if he might be required to break down COVID bill: ‘No one requires me to do anything’

Biden, asked if he might be required to break down COVID bill: ‘No one requires me to do anything’

When you’ve lost the New York Times…

In actuality Joe Biden hasn’t lost the paper of record, but his non-stop signing of executive orders to the exclusion of any demands for legislative action has been met with some slight disapproval from the Times editorial board. Titled “Ease up on the executive actions, Joe,” the editorial acknowledges that “things are going the same way they often do in Washington” but emphasizes that “this is no way to make law.”

Biden’s own disaffection with the way the Times and other media outlets are treating him in his early days is the subject of an article by the Associated Press, which begins:

President Joe Biden and aides are showing touches of prickliness over growing scrutiny of his heavy reliance on executive orders in his first days in office.

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During a brief exchange with reporters in the Oval Office after signing two more executive orders [on Thursday], he noted he was working simultaneously to push his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid package through Congress.

When one reporter asked, “Do you believe you may be required to break down the COVID bill into smaller chunks in order to get it passed?” Biden snapped back: “No one requires me to do anything.” (RELATED: Biden debuts his new persona for dealing with troublesome media questions: Meet Mr. Snide)


The unfortunate reaction was reminiscent of Barack Obama’s boorish “I won,” in response to Republican gripes about his stimulus package at a meeting early in his presidency. The difference between the two incidents was that Obama was  insulting “the enemy” (the minority party) while Biden’s peevish reaction was directed at his “friends” in the mainstream media.

Just for fun, try to imagine what the media response to Donald Trump would have been had he shown the press the same “prickliness.”

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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