Do as he says, not as he does: Biden again violates own mask mandate

Do as he says, not as he does: Biden again violates own mask mandate
When hopes Biden remembered to wash his hands after touching the exposed part of his mask, which is one of the ways the virus is spread. (Image: AIR TV screen grab)

For all his preaching about COVID-19, what Joe Biden doesn’t know about proper protocol for wearing and handling a face mask can hurt him. You, too, if you come into contact with him.

Videos of him since the pandemic began are riddled with instances of him fiddling and futzing with the mask he is wearing, plainly touching the exterior, which is a no-no. CDC guidelines advise: “Do NOT touch the mask when wearing it. If you have to often touch/adjust your mask, it doesn’t fit you properly, and you may need to find a different mask or make adjustments.” Elsewhere the agency admonishes, “Handle only by the earloops or ties.”

There’s also the matter of Biden’s not wearing a mask at all. When he and his family assembled for photo ops the night of his inauguration, none of them were wearing masks. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy called this to the attention of viewers of a White House press briefing, in which he asked, “Why weren’t President Biden and all members of the Biden family masked at all times on federal lands last night, if he signed an executive order that mandates masks on federal lands at all times?”

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki replied that the extended first family got a pass on flouting the rules because Biden “was celebrating” an “historic day in our country,” adding, “I think we have bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time.” Bigger than COVID? Pray tell, what might those be?

Finally there’s this thread on Twitter via the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra:

These are not minor quibbles, especially when you consider that one of Biden’s key talking points in the run-up to the 2020 election was his promise to lead the nation out of its “dark winter” and into “the promised land.” (RELATED: Biden: ‘Nothing can change trajectory of COVID pandemic over next several months’)

Needless to say, the same people who excoriated Donald Trump for not wearing a mask are silent over Biden’s breach of health etiquette.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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