Vote Republican to preserve democracy, competitive elections, and freedom

Vote Republican to preserve democracy, competitive elections, and freedom

There has never been an election more important to vote in than this one. We may never again have a competitive national election after this one. That’s because if the Democrats take over, they will be able to maintain themselves permanently in power by changing the electorate and Congress in ways that cement their dominance. Once the Democratic Party is permanently in power, it would be able to behave in a much more radical way, making today’s left-wing California look moderate by comparison. To prevent that from happening and preserve a meaningful democracy with competitive elections, people must vote for the Republicans, to keep the Democrats from taking over Congress and the White House. Voting for the Democrats in this election is like voting for a one-party state.

This election will be close in swing states like Arizona, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina, where lots of illegal aliens live. If illegals could vote in those states, the Republicans would seldom win another statewide election there and would never win another presidential election. As the Washington Post points out, “substantially more of today’s immigrant voters are Democratic and liberal than we see among the native-born population.

Democratic politicians know this and are likely to vote to give citizenship to at least 11 million illegal aliens, so that they can vote for the Democrats. If that happens, Republicans won’t be able to win in most swing states and thus won’t be able to win the presidency or control of Congress. Future elections will become uncompetitive, as they already are in California, where Democrats win every statewide election, despite adopting lots of harmful policies that increase poverty rates, reduce living standards, make housing unaffordable, and drive up utility bills. America will effectively become a one-party state.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

This is plainly the plan of the Democratic Party. As the Center for Immigration Studies points out, “Biden … has promised to work with Congress on an amnesty leading to citizenship for nearly 11 million aliens unlawfully present in the United States on his campaign website, with few strings attached.”

In a “companion campaign document,” the “Biden-Sanders Unity Taskforce Recommendations,” Biden suggests that his “administration would at least initially grant an administrative amnesty to aliens unlawfully present in the United States before seeking legislation to formally legalize those nearly 11 million aliens.”

In the October 22 presidential debate, Biden “raised the number to ‘over 11 million,’ without setting a ceiling. Nor has Biden proposed a cut-off date for any such amnesty, meaning that a wave of aliens could seek to enter illegally up to (and perhaps after) the implementation of that amnesty, to take advantage of those benefits.”

If those 11 million illegal aliens become citizens, the electorate will suddenly become more pro-Democrat, especially in states with a lot of illegals, such as Arizona and Texas (and to a lesser extent Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina). Today, polls show the Democrats either narrowly leading or narrowly trailing in all of these states.

Democrats may also pack the Senate if they win this election. As the Wall Street Journal has pointed out in “Packing the U.S. Senate,” the Democrats will likely add new left-leaning states to the union, such as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

This year, the nation’s leading law review — the progressive Harvard Law Review — called on Congress to turn Washington, D.C.’s 127 neighborhoods into 127 separate states, in order to “Pack the Union.”

That would give Washington 254 Senators, enabling progressive Washington, D.C. to dominate the U.S. Senate all by itself, by giving the district over 70% of all seats in the Senate. Each of the 127 neighborhoods in the district would also have a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, giving a quarter of House seats to a progressive enclave with far less than 1% of American’s population.

The Harvard Law Review’s proposal would give progressives permanent control of Congress and keep Congress from passing any moderate or conservative legislation ever again.

Changing the electorate and the Senate would be necessary for Democrats to lock in their dominance. Otherwise, they might lose control of Congress, as they did under the Obama administration. That’s because the Democrats’ policies would lead to substantial job losses, and big job losses tend to cost a party its control of Congress and the White House.

As the Wall Street Journal points out, “A new study on Biden’s tax, health-care, energy and regulation proposals predicts $6,500 less in median household income by 2030″ if those Biden proposals are passed by Congress. To offset that fall in household income, the government would have to raise taxes on the median household a further $1,000 per year at the very least. The study also estimates that those Biden proposals, if fully implemented, would eliminate 4.9 million jobs, and shrink the economy by $2.6 trillion.

Joe Biden’s proposals are far more radical than those of President Obama and President Clinton. Biden has proposed raising taxes by $3 trillion and increasing government spending by an additional $11 trillion, over the next decade. That’s much more than even Democratic leaders wanted to spend in the past, and it would add $8 trillion more to the national debt unless Biden comes up with even more tax increases.

By contrast, in 2016, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton proposed only $1.4 trillion in new spending, largely paid for with $1.2 trillion in tax increases.

The Democrats also have other plans that would wipe out jobs and take away our freedoms. For example, Joe Biden backs California’s AB5, which curbed freelance work and eliminated the positions of thousands of independent contractors. He supports legislation that has passed the House of Representatives that would impose AB5’s requirements nationally.

The Democrats also support all sorts of new laws that would make it riskier and more costly to operate a small business. For example, Biden supports the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act, which would subject even the smallest employers to lawsuits for unlimited punitive damages and lawyers’ fees and impose an expansive definition of “harassment” that would require them to police speech and behavior by their employees even outside the workplace. That would undermine freedom of speech.

The Democrats are likely to abolish the filibuster to enact these laws, as the “Never Trump” law professor Josh Blackman points out. That will enable them radically to transform society in a leftward direction.

To prevent that from happening — and preserve our freedoms — it is essential to vote Republican in Tuesday’s election.

Jerome Woehrle

Jerome Woehrle

Jerome Woehrle is a retired attorney and author, who writes about politics.


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