Tucker Carlson: Docs on Bidens, overnighted from N.Y., stolen from carrier en route L.A.

Tucker Carlson: Docs on Bidens, overnighted from N.Y., stolen from carrier en route L.A.
Fox News video via Twitter

The only thing we know about this right now is what Tucker Carlson announced in his Fox News broadcast about an hour ago.

Carlson says that on Monday, Fox News received “a collection of confidential documents related to the Biden family,” which his Fox team believes is authentic.  He didn’t name the source.  Carlson was in Los Angeles preparing to interview Tony Bobulinski, the Hunter Biden associate who has sprung the “October surprise” with startling revelations about the Biden family’s dealings with China, and what he alleges to be Joe Biden’s involvement.

Carlson asked a producer in New York to send the documents to him in L.A.  The producer did, consigning them to a well-known delivery carrier (Carlson didn’t give the name).  But the documents never made it to L.A.  A carrier employee, handling the package, discovered during the shipment that the package had been opened and its contents removed.  The employee reported it, and the company immediately started an investigation.

The documents that were in the package were nowhere to be found.

According to Carlson, the carrier has taken it very seriously, and he seems to have no reason to suspect complicity within their organization.

That said, if the contents of a package were removed during shipment, it had to be done by someone with inside-the-fence access.

Sharyl Attkisson responded quickly with a similar anecdote from her days of being spied on by, she alleges, the Obama administration.

But it doesn’t make sense for this to be a “government spy operation.”  The Trump administration, per se, has no motive to try and seize the contents that were packaged up for Carlson in New York.

There are others who do.  A big faction on Twitter thinks it’s the FBI going rogue to help the Bidens.  I’m passing that one up.

The Biden campaign and the Democratic Party, including their dark money backers, are obvious possibilities.

I wouldn’t rule out China.  If you want to get hold of a package being overnighted from New York to L.A., from inside controlled-access facilities, China’s spy network is probably just about the first professional service I would call.

We’ll see.  I assume the Fox producer in New York kept a copy, and the documents aren’t lost to review and exploitation.  Whatever’s going on here, although it seems that somebody really wanted to intercept these documents, it also seems like they would have thought of the likelihood that Fox News kept a copy.  At best, this move delays Carlson by a day or so.  Maybe there’s more to the story that hasn’t come out yet.  (There’s always the possibility that the thief is someone who desperately wanted to know what’s in the documents – but didn’t.  That’s the main motive I can think of that would justify going to this much trouble.)  Stay tuned.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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