Trump reports to Walter Reed as a patient for ‘a few days’; Twitter melts down

Trump reports to Walter Reed as a patient for ‘a few days’; Twitter melts down

As the sun set on Friday evening, President Trump rode Marine One from the White House to Walter Reed, where he was admitted for “a few days” of monitoring and treatment.

Trump walked from the White House to the waiting helicopter across the White House lawn.  Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was behind him, along with the entourage including the football handler.

This move had some Twitter users speculating that they were seeing a body double.  In a number of the reply threads I saw, speculation about a body double was the predominant sentiment expressed in the thread.  This seems too silly to waste further time on.

There are too many different tweets and threads to try to collate them, but do a Twitter search on “Trump body double” to verify.

Others aren’t thinking body double, but rather faked timeframe of video clip.

One Never Trumper seemed incensed (perhaps suspicious?) that POTUS took the helicopter to Walter Reed instead of the city streets.

Noah Pollak stepped in with a sensible explanation.

Worth pointing out that the Secret Service plans all this, and in the case of physical illness the doctor’s ruling on the kind of transport POTUS can tolerate would be final.  Trump walked to the helo.  Eye-roll.

Good times.  Meanwhile, White House physician Sean Conley provided an update indicating the contents of a precautionary antibody cocktail the president was given on Friday before being taken to Walter Reed.

Trump was said to have a slight fever and increasing fatigue, with minor difficulty breathing.  This, of course, sounds like the early COVD-19 symptoms we have all heard about.  They may not get any worse than that, although given his age, it’s likelier than it would be with a younger patient that his will worsen somewhat.

A new media journalist (Ben Domenech) said a source at Walter Reed told him Trump was in good spirits and cracking jokes with the staff.

Trump supporters have gathered outside Walter Reed.

The usual ration is being meted out to them on Twitter by people who claim to be made sick by them, to think they’re morons, to wish them dead, etc.  Feel free to check it out.

Catherine Herridge at CBS had some information on the special treatment unit Trump will be occupying at Walter Reed.  Click through for the thread (there were two tweets when I last checked).

Trump has a host of well-wishers.

The amount of that is off the charts, but it’s not worth dwelling on.

Mark Meadows came out of Walter Reed after Trump’s admission and talked to the group of supporters rallying outside.  He told them Trump had seen them on TV and wanted to show his gratitude.

Click into the thread and scroll down to see a photo of what Meadows was handing out.  The mostly white box is a box of White House M&Ms.

At the moment, Jack Posobiec’s thread on this hasn’t been overrun yet by anti-Trump trolls.

POTUS will be working from Walter Red during his time there, COVID permitting.  He has everything he needs to keep up a necessary schedule.

But campaigning will go by the wayside, probably for at least two weeks (assuming he doesn’t get much worse).  On Friday morning Trump was expected to appear for virtual campaign rallies in an approximation of the travel schedule he had in place before the positive virus test.  Those virtual appearances will have to be canceled.  Recovery from the virus isn’t compatible with hour-long rally speeches twice a day, even delivered from an easy chair in his suite at Walter Reed.

When his symptoms recede, Trump will need to have two consecutive negative COVID-19 tests to be cleared for full release from quarantine.  At best, as it looks now, he may have about 10 days of campaigning between now and 3 November.

There will be many prayers going with him and Melania, as well as all who have tested positive for COVID-19, and especially those who are ill with it.  Most people who test positive never develop symptoms, and the overwhelming majority of those who do develop symptoms pull through.  Presumably Melania will remain quarantined in the White House; we don’t know yet, as far as I can tell, if arrangements will be made for her to visit Trump.  It seems doubtful to me, at a glance.  But we’ll see.  Likewise, I assume VP Pence will not visit Trump at Walter Reed, or any more White House staffers than absolutely necessary.  They can communicate for business via videoteleconference.

Miles to go before we sleep.  But God is good.  He knows all our faults, and loves us anyway.


J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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