Tweet-snipe of the Day: Inconvenient voting truth from POTUS draws fire

Tweet-snipe of the Day: Inconvenient voting truth from POTUS draws fire
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We’re debuting a new posting category with this one, in honor of the new social media practice of flagging the president’s posts when he says something that contradicts the Left’s approved narrative.  President Trump stepped in it big-time on Monday, having the temerity to tweet that there is much going wrong with ballot-counting in some of the states, where ballots are being mailed and early voting for the general election on 3 November has already started.

This would not actually seem to be controversial, since there are, in fact, already problems with the provisions for balloting.  But Twitter doesn’t like to see POTUS making such a point without also piously reciting the Left’s approved narrative on cue — which, for the moment at least, is that “voting by mail is safe and secure.”

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The tweet-snipe to that effect is thus appended to Trump’s tweet, as shown.  A screen cap is below in case Twitter thinks better of this drollery.

Twitter might think better of it.  All it will do is desensitize the vast majority of the public to the social media content czars’ narrative bias.  The tweet-snipe that spears Trump’s tweet may be fresh and jazzy today, but by tomorrow it will be old and busted.  “Ho hum. Twitter’s melting down over a Trump tweet again.  Yawn.”

It’s so blindingly obvious that voting by mail isn’t being kept safe and secure, it’s hard to know what to do for Twitter.  Just this weekend we were treated to the video from Project Veritas in which James O’Keefe and his investigative team have Somali-Americans on record not only describing systematic election fraud using vote-by-mail ballots, but recounting how they’ve participated in such schemes.

If you’re one of the affected voters in Ilhan Omar’s district in Minneapolis, I guess you can take heart that no one other than Omar’s organization gets to mess with your ballot.  They’re sitting on you like a duck on a June bug waiting to keep your ballot safe and secure for you.  But heaven help you if you want to vote for someone besides Ilhan Omar.

That particular problem is only documented in such depth for Minneapolis, of course.  But there are other problems elsewhere, such as the extra ballots being mailed in the thousands to voters in Virginia, and ballot deadlines being extended for days after Election Day by judges’ rulings in a number of states, including the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

In Michigan, the deadline extension includes third-person delivery of vote-by-mail ballots, the practice that underlies ballot-harvesting — e.g., in Minnesota, where the Project Veritas investigation suggests it has been rampant and used by Ilhan Omar’s campaigns for vote fraud.

As Trump says, these and related factors can make it impossible to get an accurate count of valid ballots.  It’s pure gaslighting to simply insist without evidence that that isn’t true.  It’s so exactly true that in New York, in August, 2020, a judge had to order election officials to count clearly invalid primary ballots, which had been invalidated because they didn’t meet the requirements of state voting law.  Whether you like that outcome or not, there’s no way to say that “ballots were accurately counted.”

And that’s the point.  Maybe some of the ballots counted are valid.  But it’s certain that many are not.  Either way, Twitter’s gonna snipe the tweets.  Which is the opposite of telling the truth.  So, in conclusion: enjoy our inaugural tweet-snipe of the day.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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