David Hogg has reservations about running for office because he’s white

David Hogg has reservations about running for office because he’s white
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Remember David Hogg? Foolish question. How could anyone ever forget the dunderheaded 96-pound kid who parlayed the experience of surviving a mass shooting at the school he attended into media celebrity and an invitation to a four-year degree at Harvard University — this after being rejected by far less prestigious institutions of higher learning?

You may recall that for someone with so little on the ball Hogg had lofty ambitions. He entertained a career in broadcast journalism, toward which end he sought out advice from Godfather of Fake News Dan Rather.

He did make it as far as a number of cable “news” programs where he shared such pearls of wisdom as the suggestion that health warning labels to be placed on guns and his insistence that shootings stem from America’s white supremacy.

Although it’s been a while since he made headlines, Hogg recently resurfaced again following an appearance on C-SPAn with anchor Jacqueline Alemany to discuss the youth vote. During the interview, Alemany asks whether he has any plans on running for office, which is a little like asking your neighborhood trash collector whether he has plans to perform brain surgery. A video clip and transcript of his answer follows.

David Hogg: But we’ve got to start rebuilding and build back better this country now, or else it might be too late for the next generation. And if we don’t go out and vote, Gen Z could end up being the last generation.

Jacqueline Alemany: Do you plan on running for office, David?

Hogg: Honestly, I don’t know. It’s something that I’m always conflicted about. Because I think about pushing the system from the outside and making people uncomfortable, but then I look at someone like John Lewis who was so amazing. He talked to us in the weeks after the shooting, and helped offer us advice. It’s important to have the right people on the outside and the inside. But also — I mean, frankly, I think we got enough cisgendered great white men in office right now, and it might be more time for a little more diversity, so I don’t know.

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