The power of the moment

The power of the moment

Yesterday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” Juan Williams, the lone liberal voice, spoke of seizing “the power of the moment.” He was referring positively to the behavior of unruly marauders (he prefers to call them “peaceful protesters”) who have exploited the death of George Floyd by tearing down statues and attempted to take over buildings, if not whole cities (yesterday they occupied New York’s city hall).

Sentiments like this from the Left are a dime a dozen. The PPs (peaceful protesters), they maintain, are destroying and commandeering property because “black lives matter.” Or because of “institutional racism,” whatever that is.

Some liberals are actually praising the mob’s destruction. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that tearing down statues is a “healthy” form of expression. “People are making a statement about equality, about community, to be against racism, against slavery. I think those are good statements,” he opined on the “Today” show. (Cuomo draws the line at toppling statues of Christopher Columbus because of his importance to Italian-Americans, of which the governor is one, but that’s another article.)

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

While Cuomo and Juan Williams are wrong to put a positive spin on the mayhem, Williams is onto something in his invocation of the term power. It is not equality that the rioters are after: They are already being bowed down to by subservient whites begging to prostrate themselves by shining blacks’ shoes or washing their feet. Rather, it is power. They aren’t seeking an equal voice in government. They are striving to be the lone voice. And the scariest part is that so far they stand unopposed. They taunt and throw bricks at the law enforcement officers sent to contain them.

America is at a crossroads. As Texas Rep. Chip Roy notes at the Federalist:

The United States of America is starting to resemble a Target in Minneapolis, overrun by lawless mobs and left for dead by the very leaders charged with upholding the rule of law.

The very people you have sent to Washington, D.C. to make laws, uphold them, conduct oversight, and ensure America remains a safe and prosperous nation have cowered to the mob.

Politicians have allowed the community of CHAZ in Seattle, run by a self-proclaimed “warlord,” and BHAZ in downtown Washington (feet from the White House) to take over chunks of sovereign cities.

Who’s going to oppose this? Not the Democrats, who applaud it.

But as Roy glumly informs his reader, not the Republicans either.

What is shocking to see … as a life-long conservative and now Republican member of Congress, is my party, whether at the local, state, or federal level, so far failing to give their voters reason to believe the GOP will defend our country. More, they have been failng to go on offense to make clear the systemic racism that is ripping apart black families and the fabric of our nation comes from the Democrat Party and its adherence to failed big government programs over the promise of individuals, families, and communities prospering.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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