CNN’s Cuomo blames Trump for ‘systemic racism in the economy.’ Just one problem

CNN’s Cuomo blames Trump for ‘systemic racism in the economy.’ Just one problem
Chris Cuomo (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Another gotcha moment for CNN — and another chance for its ace investigative reporter, Chris Cuomo, to wear egg on his face.

Below you will find a clip from “Cuomo Prime Time,” the show he anchors. In the segment, as the chyron makes clear, the subject is systematic racism in the economy, and Cuomo has the data to prove it.

He actually seems to be making a case for the argument that “whites make more money than blacks do — even if they have the same level of education; even if they are in the same jobs.” Of course, before taking Cuomo’s word for it or for the data, which come to CNN by way of the equally unreliable Washington Post, a careful observer would want to go back to the source — in this case the Federal Reserve.

But that’s an exercise for another day. For now, let’s focus instead on Cuomo’s bottom line, which comes at 0:13 in the video. “So much for Trump’s economy being the best ever for black people,” he harrumphs, waving his hands in a derisive gesture.

But now that Cuomo has gotten to his real beef, let’s look a little more closely at those graphs that appear onscreen to amplify his claims. Notice in particular the date of the study in question:

And who, class, was president during the eight-year period culminating in 2016? Cuomo himself can probably tell you if you give him a minute.

If Cuomo or CNN were interested in communicating the truth, they would acknowledge that under Trump, black unemployment reached its lowest ebb in history, while it stagnated under Obama.

This little episode is reminiscent of another during Trump’s presidency in which CNN and its fellow purveyors of fake news ran photos of “caged migrant children,” not bothering to note that the images were shot in 2014.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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