Biden once again flashes his technological brilliance, devises plan to let people order Rx meds online

Biden once again flashes his technological brilliance, devises plan to let people order Rx meds online
Genius at work; the face mask hanging from his left ear is a nice touch.

It’s like Al Gore inventing the internet all over! Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden demonstrated that he’s no slouch after all when it comes to using high technology. Sure, he’s had some trouble with teleconferencing, wandering off camera during one virtual town hall. And he hasn’t quite mastered the use of a teleprompter.

But he proposed a plan during a round-table discussion that actually solves the problem facing Americans who are still sheltering in place and rely on prescription drugs. And it does so by relying on those new-fangled computers we all hear so much about.

Here is a video in which the former vice president shares his brainstorm. A partial transcript follows.

You could begin to be able to get help in terms of how you have a business where you could go online and say, “Send me your [sic] prescription. I can have it filled. This is how we’ll do it. And tell me the doc gave you the prescription, and we will fill the prescription. We will in fact be able to do that. Or I need a new prescription, my doc tells me. So you could do a lot of co— telemedicine.

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So what’s wrong with Biden’s plan? Only the fact that online pharmacies, which perform precisely the functions Biden describes, have been around for decades. They’ve been around so long that the Journal of Medical Internet Research published a systematic review in 2011 of the quality of various mail-order sites.

As for Biden and his basement bunker brainstorms, maybe he should heed his own implied recommendation during the same round-table when he remarked, “I’m beginning to get bored by my own talk here.”

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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