Alyssa Milano’s face mask reveals everything you need to know about the Left

Alyssa Milano’s face mask reveals everything you need to know about the Left
Alyssa Milano (Image: Twitter screen grab)

Typically, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided the Left with something else to hector the Right about. It is almost as if they are hard-wired to look for things to take a hard stance on and lecture those who don’t share their views.

Take the wearing of face masks. Early on in the pandemic, health experts advised the general population against wearing masks. Then, as has happened so often, the scientists did a 180, advocating the wearing of masks or some other face covering.

No sooner had the dictum been handed down than liberals became the keepers of the flame. Never mind that they themselves bend the rule to suit their particular needs or agenda. Democrats in Congress continue to go through the motions of covering their faces but then remove the masks when they rise to the podium to speak. (RELATED: ‘Science, science, science’: Pelosi wipes her nose, touches House podium)

Maxine Waters wearing her face mask as a chin supporter (Image via Twitter)

Ultimately, the Left turned its fury on its usual object of scorn, the president, for his derelict mask hygiene. Yesterday, an enterprising photojournalist snapped photos of Donald Trump on the golf course sans mask. Never mind that direct sunlight and fresh air are said to neutralize the virus.

Which brings us to the latest self-appointed poster child for mask wearing. Actress and “activist” Alyssa Milano urges on Twitter “Show me your masks!” with the hashtag #WearAMask. The post includes a photo of herself and her family, all masked up.

Just one problem: Milano’s mask appears to be knitted. It is quite porous and almost certainly ineffective at preventing the transmission of the pernicious virus-carrying droplets of moisture from the mouth and nose we are all warned against spreading.

Anyone want to tell her?

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

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