Bloomberg condemned for his ‘racist’ remarks … despite the fact his stats are correct

Bloomberg condemned for his ‘racist’ remarks … despite the fact his stats are correct
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The Democratic field of candidates is thinning out. Yesterday, Andrew Yang pulled the plug on his campaign, and so a short time later did Tom Steyer Michael Bennet.

Now it’s beginning to look like former New York City Mayor Mike  Bloomberg’s head is next for the chopping block. On Monday night, a five-year-old audio recording surfaced in which Bloomie candidly discusses the controversial “stop-and-frisk” policy.

Here is the audio courtesy of Benjamin Dixon, progenitor, according to this Twitter bio, of the “‘dopest’ political podcast in the game.” The audio is captioned, but a transcript is also provided for your convenience:

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Ninety-five percent of your murders — murderers and murder victims — fit one M.O. You can just take the description, Xerox it and pass it out to all the cops. They are male minorities, 16 to 25. That’s true in New York. That’s true in virtually every city. And that’s where the real crime is. You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of the people that are getting killed.

It sounds pretty incriminating … until you check out the crime statistics. Jason Richwine of National Review did, and here’s what he found:

According to the city’s police department, 93 percent of all suspects arrested for murder in 2019 were black or Hispanic, as were 86 percent of those arrested for rape, 92 percent for robbery, 85 percent for felonious assault, and 96 percent for shootings.

Richwine goes on to analyze the data to determine what conclusions can be drawn from it:

Are police systematically arresting non-whites under lower standards of evidence? It seems unlikely. For one thing, a majority of New York City police are themselves non-white. Second, the racial victimization rates generally align with the arrest rates. Blacks were 57 pertcent of murder victims — a crime known to be committed mostly within racial groups — and blacks were an almost-identical 58 percent of those arrested for murder.

Make no mistake. Michael Bloomberg will be assailed for his “racist” remarks. I’m betting that ultimately he will be forced out of the race.

But the reason for that is not that he is a racist. It is because of his inability to play the “game.”

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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