Video of the Day: Jorge Ramos gets schooled by Hispanic Trump supporters

Video of the Day: Jorge Ramos gets schooled by Hispanic Trump supporters
Jorge Ramos (Image: YouTube screen grab via Fox News Channel)

The radical Left, including liberal media propagandists like Jorge Ramos, would have you believe that only rich, old, racist white guys support President Trump. But Ramos recently found out the hard way that’s not so.

Watch what happened when he tries to “woke-scold” Hispanic Trump supporters on a recent edition of Univision’s political affairs show “Al Punto.”

The video that follows has subtitles. It is in turn followed by an English transcript courtesy of Newsbusters:

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JORGE RAMOS: Let me ask you about the trial currently underway against President Donald Trump. They are trying to remove him, I don’t know if you are following it. Do you believe that President Donald Trump tried to cheat for personal gain…


RAMOS: …when he had this call with the president of Ukraine?

BACA: I heard the call when…

RAMOS: From July 25th.

BACA: From July 25th. I didn’t see a problem. What is most interesting to me about this situation is why don’t the Democrats want to know what happened with … with [Joe] Biden and his son. How is it that Democrats are ready to plunge this country into a very difficult time — to force a president out over something he said? Saying, “Hey, can you look into what you can do about that issue”.

RAMOS: Isn’t he asking for a favor? Many people believe that he was asking for a favor in exchange for their investigation of a political opponent.

BACA: I didn’t see it that way, but at the same time, I’ll tell you this: Why is it that if the Democrats have a vice president who has a son that is making $80,000 dollars a month in a company that is supposedly … that’s cheating in another country, why don’t they want to know?

RAMOS: There are no formal charges against the Bidens, let me make that clear. What do you think about attempting to remove President Trump?

ANTHONY AGÜERO: It’s the same thing we go back to, right? We have cases of over 4,800 families [being[ trafficked along the border with fake documents, right? We have over 600 of those children that have been “recycled,” we have many more important things that we should be focusing on. That call that the president made clearly has nothing to do with him trying to persecute anybody. He’s just doing his job and seriously trying to investigate something that is going on, because he is opposed to corruption, and the moment we have someone like Joe Biden’s son, who has no experience whatsoever, none to do with that sort of work, who is making over $80,000 a month, we should investigate what’s going on. The same thing with a relative of Nancy Pelosi’s, who is also very well connected in Ukraine.



Joe Newby

Joe Newby

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