Pelosi threatens Trump: ‘One way or another’ he will be removed from office

Pelosi threatens Trump: ‘One way or another’ he will be removed from office

Good thing Nancy Pelosi clarified at a news conference that she’s not a hater and that one had better watch one’s step when using the h-word around her. If she hadn’t clarified that point, you might think her crazed obsession with chasing Donald Trump out of office at any cost stemmed from a deep dislike for the man.

In an interview with ABC News, Pelosi pledged to remove Trump from office by next year “one way or another.” She added that Democrats “may have him removed sooner” than that.

She wasn’t pressed about what she meant by “another, but suffice it to say that the speaker, who is anti-gun, is unlikely to resort to violence (I think).

Pelosi Admits This Was the Plan from Day 1

It doesn’t matter that Pelosi has pretended to be “prayerful” and sorrowful over the situation she’s put the country in. It didn’t matter when she pretended she had no interest in impeaching Trump prior to the midterm elections in 2018.

Pelosi has been living a lie for the past six months, and several weeks ago it caught up with when she blasted critics for the rushed impeachment hit job. In the process of excoriating her critics, the speaker accidentally told the truth.

“All I hear from the press is that we’re moving so swiftly, that it’s like a blur going by,” she complained. “This has been a couple of years – two and a half – since the initial investigation.” Watch:

There you have it. Pelosi has been planning to have Trump removed from office since before the 2016 election. Don’t let her tell you otherwise.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss

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