Secret Service to interview George Lopez over ‘joke’ about killing Donald Trump

Secret Service to interview George Lopez over ‘joke’ about killing Donald Trump
George Lopez (Image: TMZ screen grab)

No doubt “funnyman” George Lopez was seeking a reaction to his latest howler, and he’s gotten one. In case you missed it, over the weekend he quipped in response to Iran’s announcement on an $80 million bounty on Donald Trump that he’d “do it for half.” And now, he’s on the Secret Service’s radar. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the U.S. Secret Service is aware of George’s remark, and we’re told they’re working to see if his words carry any legitimacy as a threat.

We’re being told part of the process in making this determination will include an interview with GL in some fashion, preferably a face-to-face. One source tells us George can probably expect a knock on his door soon, and he’ll be finding agents on the other side.

But, wait: There’s more. According to 12 News, a Texas ABC virtual affiliate, people in Southeast Texans are planning to boycott Lopez’s show in Beaumont this coming Friday. City councilman Mike Getz believes “the community needs to send a message.”

“George Lopez needs to understand that he crossed a line, and in Southeast Texas and in Beaumont the citizens, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, do not appreciate a threat to the President of the United States,” Getz said.

Since making the tasteless remark, Lopez has clarified that he was joking. Wherein lies the problem. When your “jokes” are as unfunny as his are, no one knows when you’re telling one.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

This isn’t the first time Lopez, whose material trades on his Mexican-American heritage, crossed the line. He didn’t exactly bring the house down in 2017 when he joked that to “make the streets safer,” we should “deport the police.”

Since Trump’s election, the president has been one of Lopez’s main targets. In 2018, he used a water bottle to simulate urinating on Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Not all of the comedian’s attacks have been attempts at humor. Shortly after the 2016 election, he was asked at an airport by TMZ whether he would be willing to give the new president a chance His response: “I’ll give him a chance to suck my ass.” Watch:

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Ben Bowles

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