Quote of the Day: ‘We need to win this game for America’

Quote of the Day: ‘We need to win this game for America’
Steve Cohen (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Call it an inartful metaphor. Or call it an instance of accidentally speaking the truth.

The speaker is Democratic House Judiciary Committee member and Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, who during an appearance on CNN referred to the entire impeachment charade as what it has been since Day One: a game.

Of course, if impeachment is a game, the winner won’t be America. It probably won’t be the Democrats either, according to CNBC, which notes:

Impeachment is usually the most embarrassing and damaging thing that can happen to a President of the United States.

But for President Donald Trump, not so much. Incredibly, his likely impeachment gives the president more opportunities than liabilities.

That’s mostly because of a mix of timing and the unique nature of the Trump presidency.

The most important difference between the Trump impeachment and the other presidents who have faced this process is the fact that it comes in the midst of a reelection campaign. It may seem like trying to run for reelection during an impeachment trial in the Senate is like driving with one flat tire. But for a man whose brief political career has been entirely about a virulent campaign against the political establishment, fighting a battle against a series of entrenched politicians fits right into his brand.

Most presidential incumbents have to work hard to continue to promote the popular “outsider” persona after four years of being in the White House. But Washington’s continued refusal to accept this president had already made that task easy for the Trump campaign.

In the end, the likelihood that Trump will be removed from office is remote. A newly released Quinnipiac poll reflects as much. The majority of respondents said they favor not removing the president from office.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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