Schiff star witness Alex Vindman reprimanded for partisan behavior during military exercise

Schiff star witness Alex Vindman reprimanded for partisan behavior during military exercise
LTC Alexander Vindman arrives on Capitol Hill to testify for Adam Schiff on 29 Oct 2019. MSNBC video

The American public still has no idea of what specifically National Security Council Director for European Affairs Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman said in his testimony during one of Adam Schiff’s closed-door hearings, but what little was leaked was construed by the media as both compelling and damning. Here, after all, was one of Trump’s people — a military careerist who showed up to testify in full Army regalia — telling the committee that he was “deeply troubled” by Trump’s effort to “subvert” U.S. foreign policy.

Before Democrats start measuring the rope that will be used to execute the president for treason, they should be mindful of details of Vindman’s service that didn’t come up in his testimony. One of those relates to his performance during a combined U.S.-Russian exercise in 2013. His superior, Lt. Col. Jim Hickman (retired), has some unflattering things to say about then-Maj. Vindman, including the observation that he is “not your professional, field-grade officer, who has the character & integrity to do the right thing. Do not let the uniform fool you…he is a political activist in uniform.”

In a lengthy Twitter thread found here, Hickman further maintains:

Vindman, who was a Major at the time, was sitting in one of the classrooms talking to the US & Russian Soldiers, as well as the young Officers & GS Employees about America, Russia, & Obama. He was apologetic of American culture, laughed about Americans not being educated or worldly, & really talked up Obama & globalism to the point of uncomfortable. He would speak w/the Russian Soldiers & laugh as if at the expense of the US personnel. It was so uncomfortable & unprofessional, one of the GS employees came & told me everything above. I walked over & sat w/in earshot of Vindman, & sure enough, all was confirmed. One comment truly struck me as odd, & it was w/respect to American’s falsely thinking they’re exceptional, when he said, “He [Obama] is working on that now.” And he said it w/a snide ‘I know a secret’ look on his face. I honestly don’t know what it meant, it just sounded like an odd thing to say. Regardless, after hearing him bash America a few times in front of subordinates, Russians, & GS Employees, as well as, hearing an earful about globalization, Obama’s plan, etc…I’d had enough. I tapped him on the shoulder & asked him to step outside. At that point I verbally reprimanded him for his actions, & I’ll leave it at that, so as not to be unprofessional myself. The bottom-line is LTC Vindman was a partisan Democrat at least as far back as 2012. So much so, junior officers & soldiers felt uncomfortable around him.

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Other commanding officers may have differing opinions of Vindman, but Lt. Col. Hickman’s assessment should certainly be weighed in the balance when attaching weight to Vindman’s testimony.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

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