MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: ‘If It wasn’t in Constitution, Electoral College ‘would be unconstitutional’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: ‘If It wasn’t in Constitution, Electoral College ‘would be unconstitutional’
Chris Hayes and Michael Moore (Image: Breitbart video screen grab)

Whatever Joe Biden has, it’s apparently contagious. Speaking in front of a live studio audience yesterday, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said (and I quote):

The weirdest thing about the Electoral College is the fact that if it wasn’t specifically in the Constitution for the presidency, it would be unconstitutional.

For the scoffers among you, here is a video clip of the host making this keen observation, and kindly note that Hayes or his staff was proud enough of the soundbite to post it to Twitter themselves.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Biden, of course, is the undisputed king of gaffes, having recently fired a shot heard ’round the world. And should you think the 76-year-old former vice president is slowing down, just yesterday, he offered up this fresh gem at a townhall event:

As for Biden’s support of illegal aliens, this is a position he recently evolved to. And I mean recently. Here he is exactly one month ago arguing that anyone who crosses the border “illegally … should be able to be sent back.”

Here’s the relevant quote in its entirety:

… [W]e’re in a circumstance where if in fact you say you can just cross the border, what do you say to all those people around the world who in fact want the same thing to come to the United States and make their case, that they don’t — that they have to wait in line. The fact of the matter is, you should be able to — if you cross the border illegally, you should be able to be sent back. It’s a crime. It’s a crime, and it’s not one that in fact—

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Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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