Rep. Rashida Tlaib refuses to say whether Jews have a right to a Jewish state

Rep. Rashida Tlaib refuses to say whether Jews have a right to a Jewish state
Rashida Tlaib, Barack Obama (Image via Instagram)

On Sunday, “Squad” member Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) was a guest on CNN’s “State of the Union.” Host Jake Tapper tried to pin her down on the question of whether Jews the world over have a right to a Jewish state, but she tap-danced away.

First, she denied that BDS was an anti-Israel or anti-Semitic movement.

No, it’s anti — it’s criticizing the racist policies of Israel. And it’s a boycott, right? I mean, I think folks don’t know, when you say BDS — especially in around the country when you say BDS, they don’t — they know not sure what it means. [Emphasis added]

Racist? Muslims and “people of color” have leadership positions in Israel. In contrast there is not a single Jew in the leadership of the Palestinian Authority. Who exactly is showing racism toward whom?

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Later on in the interview, Tlaib claimed:

But people want to dismiss it [BDS] because they’re trying to say it’s anti- Semitism. That’s the way they’re trying to discredit the fact that we all know, under Netanyahu’s regime, human rights violations have gotten worse.

Well, she is correct there but not in the way she intends. During Netanyahu’s time as prime minister, there have been countless human rights violations — but all have come from the Palestinians. They have fired rockets into civilian areas of Israel from Gaza and Lebanon and staged suicide attacks against Israelis along with other acts of terrorism.

Tapper’s final question on the subject of Israel was the big one: “Do you think the Jewish people have the right to a state in the area where Israel exists now?”

Tlaib’s answer: “Look, I truly believe the state of Israel exists, correct.”

Her answer was a non-answer. Of course, the state of Israel exists; it was in all the papers. Heck, even Barack Obama would say that Israel exists (although he tried to change that)..

Tlaib went on to compare the Palestinian movement to the civil rights movement in the U.S.:

And I can tell you, I learned that from my African-American teachers in Detroit public schools, who showed me what the pain of oppression looks like. We’re not going to have peace if we don’t understand that we are dehumanizing Palestinians every single day when we choose Israel over their rights.

Tapper pretended to try again but this time re-framed his question in a way that enabled her to repeat her non-answer to his original question:

Jake Tapper: But, yes or no, does Israel have a right to exist?

Rashida Tlaib: Oh, of course.

But she wasn’t done. She added this proviso:

But just like Palestinians have a right to exist. Palestinians also have a right to human rights. We can’t say one or the other. We have to say it in the same breath, or we’re not going to actually have a peaceful resolution.

But “one without the other” is precisely what Tlaib wants. As reported by the Forward, “A change was made to the map in Rashida Tlaib’s office the day she was sworn into Congress: a Post-it Note smacked next to Israel, pointing to Palestine.”

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

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