Image of the Day: Contrary to previous claims, detainees HAVE been receiving hygiene products

Image of the Day: Contrary to previous claims, detainees HAVE been receiving hygiene products
Image via Twitter

That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would make a lousy lawyer is not all that surprising when you consider she’s a lousy representative and was probably a lousy bartender. But as any lawyer can tell you, the last thing an attorney making a case wants to do is present a piece of material evidence that destroys his argument.

Take Exhibit A above, a vacuum-sealed packet of shampoo. The hand holding it, moreover, belongs to Ocasio-Cortez herself. After complaining that migrants detained on the southern border were being denied basic hygiene products like soap and toothpaste, Ocasio-Cortez on Monday posted this image online and even admitted that it was “slipped” to her by one woman being housed at a facility.

So what possible reason could Ocasio-Cortez have for showing this bit of counter-evidence? She attempts to explain herself in a tweet:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The part about women’s hair falling out and having gone two weeks without a shower is hearsay and would be inadmissible in a court of law. But then again, nothing that Ocasio-Cortez says is that credible because she lies so easily and often. In another tweet posted a few minutes earlier, she claimed:

Yes, that’s all very believable, especially coming from a woman who initially insisted there was no crisis at the border and now maintains that the crisis that does exist is solely the fault of Donald Trump — that overcrowding at detention facilities didn’t occur on Barack Obama’s watch.

Ocasio-Cortez should return to her day job — as soon as she can figure out what it is.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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