Ilhan Omar: America not going to be the country of whites, of xenophobes

Ilhan Omar: America not going to be the country of whites, of xenophobes
Ilhan Omar (Image: YouTube screen grab)

She also declared that America was not going to be the country of the few but of the many. One wonders if she ever examined any of the coins of her adopted country. All of them contain the nation’s motto, E pluribus unum, Latin for “Out of many, one.”

It appears the founders were a step ahead of Rep. Ilhan Omar, whose persecution complex was on vivid display during a fiery speech (does she deliver any other kind?) on Tuesday. In it, she attacked the president, “his goons in the Republican Party,” and even some of her fellow Democrats, insisting:

The thing that upsets the occupant of the White House, his goons in the Republican Party, many of our colleagues in the Democratic Party, is that they can’t stand that a refugee, a black woman, an immigrant — a Muslim! — shows up in Congress thinking she’s equal to them.

Until she began her one-person assault on the country, its citizens, and its allies, she was accorded the same respect that any new member of Congress receives.

At least she included members of her own party among the enemy in her personal declaration of independence. The comments were made at a “Black Women in Defense of Ilhan Omar” event, in which she also proclaimed:

This is not going to be the country of the xenophobics [sic]. This is not going to be the country of white people. This is not going to be the country of the few. This is going to be the country of the many.

Is that many working toward a mutual goal, as in e pluribus? Or is that going to be many haters of everything America stands for, like herself?

While she was busy denouncing half of America as xenophobes and blasting white people, Omar took a stand to defend her homeland of Somalia. “I also happen to be a refugee and immigrant from what they call one of the sh*thole countries,” she said in reference to President Trump’s frank, if ill-advised comments about certain third world nations. “The reality is that sh*thole country raised a very proud, dignified person.”

Indeed. One who fled during its civil war and so loved her homeland that she never returned. One whose pride in Somalia no doubt derives from its international terrorism, 73% poverty rate and life expectancy of 50 for men and 53 for women.

There was a moment in the speech when she praised a Communist, fellow anti-Semite, once proud honoree of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List, and a clear accessory to murder in a case involving the kidnapping and killing of a judge, Angela Davis.

Why She Gets Away With It

The Democratic party is directly to blame for Omar feeling emboldened to make continuous racist, anti-American, and anti-Semitic remarks.

Her pal especially, freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has classified criticism of her as stoking Islamophobia and has railed on Omar’s behalf against her “white or male” colleagues.

When the Democrats at large aren’t echoing her bigotry, they’re actively defending it by issuing watered-down resolutions denouncing different forms of generic “hate.”

She even gets away with criticizing John McCain, which the liberal media have made clear is strictly verboten.

Why is it OK for Omar to spread her bigotry? Because racist groups, the Democrat party, and the mainstream media are perfectly content with it.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss

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