Dems claim to champion fairness and equality. When will they start proving it?

Dems claim to champion fairness and equality. When will they start proving it?

Democrats would have you believe that they have cornered the market on such virtues as fairness and equality. But when you examine their beliefs and actions, you find a disconnect between what they preach and what they practice.

But don’t take our word for it. Ask Nayla Rush. Rush, who is now a senior researcher with the Center for Immigration Studies, is herself an immigrant. She came to the U.S. from Lebanon, as Deroy Murdock notes at National Review. But she didn’t arrive here by wading across the Rio Grande. Instead, “in 2011, she requested a visa online, spoke with diplomats at America’s embassy in Beirut, and, within three weeks, received her papers.”

Emigrating here wasn’t cheap. The visa application alone cost $1,140. It wasn’t quick either. Rush waited three and a half years between securing her green card and becoming a citizen.

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So how does she feel about fence-climbing illegal aliens who cut in line? “I am stunned,” she says. What I can’t understand is the arrogance, the defiance of these people.” Democrats might do well to study the case of Nayla Rush and others like her before flinging the southern border wide to all comers in the name of “fairness and equality.”

They might also examine a policy that one of their candidates for the party’s nomination for president is advocating. That candidate is Elizabeth Warren, and as Philip Klein writes in The Washington Examiner, is calling for having the government forgive student loan debt. Putting aside the cost, which would be astronomical, such a move, Klein observes, would “be a slap in the face to those who have already struggled to pay off their student loans without government assistance.” Once again, for Democrats, all men are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

Finally, the video that follows should be required viewing for every Democratic aspirant for president, a number of whom have called for reparations for black Americans whose ancestors were slaves. The video is a question about fairness and equality posed to Dinesh D’Souza by an audience member following a talk he gave at Amherst College. The video is on the long side — over 14 minutes — but well worth watching.

In it D’Souza explodes the myth, among others, that American Indians had a prior claim to the lands of what are now the United States because they arrived here first. As D’Souza notes, lands settled by one Indian tribe were often seized by members of another tribe, and that the entire notion of “ownership” of territory is too complex to be satisfactorily explained by simple grievance-mongering.

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