‘Morning Joe’ calls for TV ban of Kellyanne, Giuliani, Sarah Sanders

‘Morning Joe’ calls for TV ban of Kellyanne, Giuliani, Sarah Sanders
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Trump haters seem never to tire of calling the president “Hitler” or comparing him to the mass-murdering tyrant.

It’s not just the ignorant masses who attempt to draw a connection. Danielle Allen, who teaches ethics at Harvard, warned in February 2016 that Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler, and that Americans must do everything in their power to prevent his rise to president. Nor is the name-calling limited to the Left. Last October, never-Trumper Bruce Bartlett, who held senior policy positions under Reagan and Bush 41, posted a tweet in which he argued that Trump is actually worse than Hitler:

Key differences between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler — Hitler served honorably in the military, Trump didn’t; Hitler was faithful to his wife, Trump cheated on all his wives; Hitler wrote a book, Trump’s were all ghostwritten.

On the subject of books, Bartlett might have mentioned another difference between the two men. Namely, Hitler ordered the burning of books that were viewed as being subversive or as representing ideologies opposed to Nazism. Trump, in contrast, has done nothing to suppress the views of his opponents.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Members of the liberal media might wish they could make the same claim. Via Mediaite:

Morning Joe held a discussion on Monday where they questioned why TV new networks bother having Kellyanne Conway, Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Huckabee Sanders on when all three of them constantly push lies on President Donald Trump‘s behalf.

The conversation began when Mika Brzezinski asked what editorial guidance networks should embrace now that Sanders is doubling down about her admitted lies about former FBI director James Comey. This led to Brzezinski asking “do we interview Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Do we put her on airwaves at this point? What happens to briefings if they ever come back? Where do we go with a situation like this?”

Associated Press’ Jonathan Lemire noted that news outlets constantly debate whether to have Conway on air, to which, Brzezinski noted that MSNBC never has her on because “it’s literally 20 minutes of nothing, of lies.” Joe Scarborough entered the conversation by saying he doesn’t understand why have Conway or Sanders on “if they know they’re going to lie,” and he also threw Giuliani into the mix.

The claim that Sarah Sanders lied about James Comey has been proven false, but that’s of no concern to the Left, which is more concerned with pushing an agenda than it is about reporting the news.

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