VIDEO: Russian choir criticized for song about nuking USA

VIDEO: Russian choir criticized for song about nuking USA
The acoustics are a little tinny. Russian Orthodox Choir in St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg. Facebook video (see text)

Maybe it wouldn’t have raised quite so many eyebrows if it hadn’t been the Russian Orthodox Choir, performing in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

But it was.  The song in question is a Cold War-era confection about launching nuclear missiles at America.  And after a video of the performance was posted on social media (see below), there was some inevitable criticism.  A metropolitan (bishop) of the Russian Orthodox Church expressed mild regret, as reported by Fox News.

The Feb. 23 performance by the St. Petersburg Concert Choir at the historic St. Isaac’s Cathedral attracted widespread attention after it was posted on social media.

“Choir performances are held regularly in St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and the fact that appropriate music is performed is not a problem,” the press office of the Petersburg metropolitan said on February 26, according to Radio Free Europe. “But this song performed by a fairly well-known choir, of course, is surprising. We regret that this happened in St. Petersburg, and particularly in St. Isaac’s.”

Indeed, a shame it had to happen in St. Isaac’s.  It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if it had occurred elsewhere.

As Fox notes, the performance date was very close to another couple of dates: 20 February, when Vladimir Putin “ratcheted up” an ongoing series of nuclear-strategic threats to the U.S. during his annual address to the nation, and 25 February, when Russian state TV broadcast a list of targets in the United States for Russian nuclear weapons.  Read into that what you will.

Here is Google Translate’s pidgin clobber of the lyrics from the original Russian (introduced with his own words by the Facebook poster, Gennadiy Mokhnenko).  I don’t have time to do more with the translation, but it looks serviceable enough.

Songs about the nuclear bombing of America and blacks, under the dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, in honor of the 23rd of February* – this is something! Do not miss this masterpiece of the ugly scrapers – Russia …)))) But the main thing … The St. Petersburg intelligentsia is rejoicing !!! Pusy-Wright [“Пуси-Райт,” a reference to the pop group Pussy Riot], tearing hair to the side !!!)))

On a submarine with an atomic motor
Yes, with a dozen bombs under a hundred megatons
Crossed the Atlantic and the call of the gunner:
\ “Navigate, I say – Petrov, on the city of Washington! \”

True la la, true la la,
I can do everything for three rubles!
Hello, new land

And on the airplane on top my friend Vovochka
Not with empty hatches came to visit
On a submarine and with an atomic motor
The crew sang a funny song.

True la la, true la la,
We can all for three rubles!
You burn

Sweetly nap in Norfolk lights on the shore,
Sleep tired toys, negroes sleep quietly,
I’m sorry, America, good America,
But five hundred years ago you were discovered in vain.

True la la, true la la,
I can do everything for three rubles!
Burn earth in half

So, you know, friendly banter.  Yes, “America and blacks” means “America and black people,” as indicated in the delightful third verse.

The smirking and ironic gestures at the end are classic.  Guess some folks can’t take a joke.


* Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia; commemorates the first mass conscription order for the Red Army in 1918.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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