WaPo rips Trump over ‘Burgergate,’ wasn’t always down on presidents fond of junk food

WaPo rips Trump over ‘Burgergate,’ wasn’t always down on presidents fond of junk food

In the last week — when the media weren’t focused on Donald Trump’s sole responsibility for the government shutdown over an “invented crisis” — they were telling us that his decision to serve fast food burgers to the nation’s college football champion was racist and that he lied about the number of burgers ordered for the reception.

The latter charge appeared in the Washington Post, which also took the president to task for turning “the White House into a White Castle” (their headline). The piece, which ran last Tuesday, opens:

When the Clemson football players entered the White House’s opulent State Dining Room during their visit with President Trump on Monday, they were greeted by a sight many had likely never laid eyes on before.

In the center of the historic room that has hosted royalty, foreign dignitaries and celebrities, a long mahogany table gleamed under the glow of an enormous golden chandelier. A pair of ornate candelabras holding tapered white candles sat on the table amid numerous silver serving platters piled high with… McDonald’s Quarter Pounders, Big Macs and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. …

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It goes on in this same snide vein and even quotes one of the players as saying he “thought it was a joke. The author, Allyson Chiu, could have quoted the team’s star quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, who said, “It was awesome!” or President Trump himself, who explained the menu decision by observing that “I would think that’s their favorite food.” But that wouldn’t register on the snark meter, which was the entire purpose of the piece.

The article complies with the Post’s editorial directive, posted throughout its newsroom, reading, “Trump bad, [blank] good,” where the blank can be filled in with the name of any Democratic president, but especially Barack Obama. When the paper ran a story in 2014 about Barack Obama’s latest of many forays to a burger joint for lunch, it was titled “President Obama and cheeseburgers: A love story.” Before chronicling “some of the places Obama has eaten burgers in the past few years,” author Katie Zezima acknowledged, “Obama really loves cheeseburgers,” adding:

Despite the White House’s emphasis on healthy eating and Obama’s assertion that his favorite food is broccoli (I mean, really), Obama has a habit of taking people out for burgers and fries. Often that person is Biden. Just two guys grabbing some burgers, right? Obama suggested that he might have a burger for his 50th birthday in 2011. A blogger apparently nicknamed named [sic] him “President Obeef” because of his well-documented penchant for cheeseburgers. Michelle Obama also sometimes ditches the healthy eating and, like the rest of us, splurges on fast food.

Mrs. Obama, who will perhaps best be remembered for her “healthful” school lunches, which one young critic described as tasting “like vomit,” confessed to be addicted to french fries, telling reporters on one occasion, “I love them dearly.” When her hubby told Tonight Show host Jay Leno in 2011, “Michelle … loves french fries, she loves pizza, she loves chicken,” the liberal media found the admission adorable.

Contrast that with their treatment now of Donald Trump. Double standard anyone?

(h/t Randy Hall, NewsBusters)

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