CNN host insists no one is blaming Trump for bomb threats; chyron tells another story

CNN host insists no one is blaming Trump for bomb threats; chyron tells another story

A mere two days ago, which is now an eternity thanks to the 24-hour news cycle, LU reported that some on the Left believed that Donald Trump was responsible for the bombs mailed to the president’s critics, but only indirectly.

We quoted liberal pundit Paul Waldman as saying, “Given what Trump has done and said, this was absolutely predictable.”

That was then, and this is now. And now, the Left is convinced, despite mounting evidence that the bombs were never meant to explode, that Trump bears a direct responsibility for the threats by dint of his inflammatory rhetoric.

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Deep-down even the most mentally addled of liberals can appreciate how ludicrous it is to impute such a connection. Watch House minority leader Nancy Pelosi at a press conference shortly after the shooting of GOP Rep. Steve Scalise by a liberal psychopath. When a reporter asks whether “vitriolic rhetoric from the Left” may have motivated the shooting, Pelosi becomes incensed. “How dare they!” she harrumphs.

It may have been an attempt to come off as fair-minded that prompted CNN host John King to claim with a straight face on yesterday’s show that “no one’s blaming the president.”

The simple fact is that virtually everyone on the Left is blaming Trump — including King’s own network. As he uttering those very words, the chyron on the bottom third of the screen read “CNN: Trump has no plans to claim responsibility for inciting serial bomber.” See for yourself:

Image: CNN video screen grab

If this wasn’t a big enough embarrassment, Politico’s Rachel Bade appeared on screen shortly after to rebut King’s comment:

Of course he played no role in this, but you have to look at this sort of greater context, this atmosphere that he has created in Washington in attacking the media, and you have to wonder if that has contributed to what happened yesterday. There’s a line and it’s one thing to be critical of your enemies, it’s another thing to say the media is the ‘enemy of the people.’ That’s just gotta contribute to this atmosphere you’re seeing right now.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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