11th suspicious package intercepted as doubt about the legitimacy of the bombs grows

11th suspicious package intercepted as doubt about the legitimacy of the bombs grows
Cory Booker (Image: YouTube screen grab via MSNBC)

It’s hard to say whether this constitutes a complete set, but at 8:45 this morning, the FBI confirmed in a tweet that another package resembling the others had been intercepted in Florida, this one addressed to “Trump critic” Corey Booker:

The #FBI has confirmed an 11th package has been recovered in Florida, similar in appearance to the others, addressed to Sen. Cory Booker.

8:45 AM – 26 Oct 2018

As with the previous mailings, this one was sent in a manila envelope containing explosive material, which suggests if nothing else that the “bomber” either lacks imagination or is attempting to create a pattern that is easy to follow.

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Last night Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham had on two bomb experts — Ryan Morris, founder of Tripwire Operations Group, a company that provides explosives training to law enforcement and military officials, and former FBI administrator Danny Coulson. Both men shared the view that the bombs were inconsistent with the sort of device “a real bomber” would send.

In the video that follows (beginning at 20:59) Morris describes the bomb sent to CNN, an x-ray of which has been published, as “very Hollywood.” “It’s got a red and a black wire,” he observes. “Like what would be in a Hollywood movie.”

Coulson opines of the bomber that “either this guy is the Alfred E. Neuman of bomb-makers or he had no intention for these things going off. This looks like a movie prop.”

The two further note that each the bombs is missing one or another component necessary for detonation. This curious fact fuels the growing sense that whoever is responsible for these bombs sought to ensure that no harm would be done to the recipients.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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