President Trump’s job boom is benefiting Democratic counties

President Trump’s job boom is benefiting Democratic counties

You would think they’d be slightly more grateful.

While Democratic politicians continue to decimate their own strongholds such as Detroit, San Francisco, and Baltimore, it is a Republican President who is bringing jobs back to these areas.

The United States is on pace to create 2.6 million jobs during President Trump’s second year in office, and a good bulk of those jobs are popping up in areas that supported Hillary Clinton.

According to an Associated Press analysis, 58.5% of those jobs were in counties that bleed Democrat blue.

Maybe they’ll get together and say “Thanks Trump!” for all of his economic support.

By the same token, of those areas losing jobs, counties in which President Trump received the most support are taking a harder hit than the Clinton-backed counties.

According to the AP report, “35.4 percent of Trump counties have shed jobs in the past year, compared with just 19.2 percent of Clinton counties.”

Recall if you will, Clinton, prior to the election, asserted that Trump’s economic plan, including tax cuts, “has been analyzed to conclude it might lose 3.5 million jobs.”

Biting the hand that feeds them, Democrats in June issued a scathing rebuttal to the booming economic report and referred to the president’s jobs agenda as “reckless.”

“Donald Trump’s reckless policies are hurting millions of hardworking families,” a statement from DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez read.

“Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to build a winner-take-all economy that enriches their wealthy friends and saddles working families with the bill,” he added.

Apparently, Trump’s “wealthy friends” live in pro-Democrat areas.

Regardless of who is benefiting the most from Trump’s economic policies (hint: Americans are), the new report indicates that it’s not moving the meter one way or another on his support.

Red areas experiencing slightly higher job losses are not any less fervent in their support of the president, while blue areas experiencing job gains are not rushing to support him.

Still, Republican Rep. Keith Rothfus believes the economy will be a driving motivator in the November midterms.

“I think you look at the choice we have: Do we want to have more government and higher taxes or more jobs and higher wages?” he said. “That’s a pretty compelling argument.”

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss

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