White TV writer for NBC, Amazon, Cartoon Network advocates white genocide

White TV writer for NBC, Amazon, Cartoon Network advocates white genocide
Taylor Cox (Image via Twitter)

Last Monday, Taylor Cox, who at the time identified herself in a Twitter bio as a writer for NBC, Amazon Studios, and Cartoon Network (since amended to plain “TV writer”), issued a tweet in which she expressed despair that the extinction of the white race isn’t happening fast enough to suit her. Judging from her profile photo (reproduced above), Cox herself appears to be white.

“[T]he only anxiety i have about white extinction is that it’s not happening faster,” she wrote.

The tweet has since been deleted, although an archived version of the message still exists:

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The question now is whether her entertainment industry employers will endorse her unhinged desire for genocide or yield to calls for her dismissal.


One person noted Twitter’s hypocrisy:

Cox has since defended her tweet or at least attempted to provide context for her wish of self-inhalation via another tweet.

But the New York Times column she references was written by Charles Blow, one of the paper’s most radical left and unhinged op-ed writers who in this instance is claiming preposterously that the Trump campaign’s opposition to the flood of migrants seeking to cross our borders illegally arises out of a desire to “protect white dominance.”

The column titled “White Genocide Anxiety” is typically over-the-top, but that is no matter because Cox obviously missed Blow’s point.

Maybe instead of resolving to tweet more responsibly, Taylor Cox should learn to read more responsibly.

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