John Legend’s modest proposal for how admin. officials can avoid harassment by flash mobs

John Legend’s modest proposal for how admin. officials can avoid harassment by flash mobs
John Legend (Image: YouTube screen grab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

Singer John Legend knows a thing or two about white, out-of-shape Trump supporters. In 2017, he put out a casting call for the same to appear in a music video.

And now he has advice for White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders as well, presumably, as all members of the Trump administration. If they want to avoid being ejected from a restaurant or harassed in any of the ways Maxine Waters outlined in her incitement to mob violence on Saturday, they should resign their post. It’s that simple.

Legend shared this ingenious plan in a series of tweets on Monday (warning: graphic language):

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There’s a good bit to unpack so let’s begin with the errors in the second tweet. Donald Trump never called Latinos as a race “animals.” That’s a distortion of a comment the president made about members of the ruthless gang MS-13. Low-information types have been repeating that lie ever since.

Also in the second tweet is the claim that the Trump administration is “interning” captured illegals “in tented camps.” In point of fact, that “Nazi sh*t,” as Legend calls it, was carried out by the Obama administration. Legend, to borrow a popular phrase from his ilk, should read a blanking newspaper.

As for the overarching notion that Sarah Sanders can be spared uncivil treatment from angry liberal business owners by resigning, here’s a counter-proposal that will achieve the same result and more. Why not discourage the waves of would-be border breachers from viewing life in the shadows in the U.S. as an ideal solution to the problems they face in their own home counrties? If they are in political danger in their homeland, they can ask for asylum at a legitimate U.S. port of entry.

I realize this is thinking outside the box for a vindictive sort like John Legend, but any form of thought would be an improvement over his fatuous musings on social media.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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