Flashback: In 2014, Nancy Pelosi warned against politicizing alien child detention centers

Flashback: In 2014, Nancy Pelosi warned against politicizing alien child detention centers

Last week minority leader Nancy Pelosi, visited a detention center for illegal alien children. Afterwards, she commented on this “heartbreaking, barbaric issue that could be changed in a moment by the President of the United States rescinding this action.”

It’s not clear what action Pelosi was referring to, but it is a fact that in 2014 during Barack Obama’s time as president, she visited a different detention center, after which and warned Americans not to politicize the issue. “Well, I hope that while some may have tried to politicize it, I hope that was not the case.”

During her 2014 visit Pelosi witnessed scenes like this one:

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After the visit, she told reporters:

What we just saw was so stunning. If you believe, as we do, that every child, every person, has a spark of divinity in them and is therefore worthy of respect, what we saw in those rooms was dazzling – a sparkling array of God’s children, worthy of respect. So we have to use, as was said this morning, the crisis that some view as a crisis – and it does have crisis qualities – as an opportunity to show who we are as Americans: that we do respect people for their dignity and their worth; that we know how to get the job done, that relates to, again stopping trafficking. Because that’s one of the fundamentals that will reinforce the law.


But she hastened to add, per the Los Angeles Times of June 28, 2014:

The humanitarian crisis unfolding across our nation’s southern border demands Congress come together and find thoughtful, compassionate and bipartisan solutions. We must also work to address the root causes of the problem. [Emphasis added]

There was no mention of the president having the power to change this situation “in a moment.”

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

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