There will be more Samantha Bees; why you can count on it

There will be more Samantha Bees; why you can count on it
Samantha Bee (Image: TBS)

If you haven’t seen the clip of “comedian” Samantha Bee using the c-word to defame Ivanka Trump, you won’t get a chance to. TBS has scrubbed the episode from the web. You won’t even find it listed on the series website, much less a clip of it available for viewing.

Nor will it be returning in reruns. According to The Wrap, a TBS representative has advised that the “episode will not be returning online in either an edited or unedited capacity.”

This is all the network’s way of plugging its fingers in its ears and singing, hoping that those offended will simply go away.

At least that’s phase one. Phase two, which may be in the works, is scuttling the show altogether and giving Bee her walking papers. That this possibility exists is discernible from stories like this one, which reveal that the show has already lost two sponsors. More may be packing their bags as you read these words.

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Regardless of what happens to Bee or her career, her ilk will not vanish from the small screen. What makes me so confident? For one thing, there was the studio audience reaction to her calling the president’s daughter a “feckless c*nt.” Although you can no longer hear it, take it from one who did that the “joke” was met with approving cheers and plenty of smacking of hands.

For another, there are her defenders and enablers on social media:

Some tried their own hand at humor:

Others invoked this argument, which is making the rounds today:

As the president might tweet, “Sad.”

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Ben Bowles

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