So, making a crude remark about Valerie Jarrett is racist, but dressing up in blackface isn’t?

So, making a crude remark about Valerie Jarrett is racist, but dressing up in blackface isn’t?
Valerie Jarrett (Image: YouTube screen grab)

It was inevitable. Not only is the Left continuing to bash Roseanne Barr three days after she posted an insulting tweet about former Obama right-hand Valerie Jarrett, but some media outlets have actually set aside time or space to whitewash Jarrett’s checkered past. For those unfamiliar with her name — and, yes, such individuals exist — “People” magazine published a Jarrett primer on Tuesday titled “Everything to know about Valerie Jarrett, the woman at the center of Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets.”

Its title notwithstanding, the article doesn’t tell quite everything. It doesn’t mention, for example, that in March Jarrett compared the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch to Louis Farrakhan.

And what it does tell about Jarrett’s past is heavily whitewashed. It states that “Jarrett’s family involves several generations making a mark in American history,” noting that “her father, Dr. James Bowman, Jr., was a groundbreaking pathologist and geneticist.” That he was also designated a hard-core communist by the FBI receives no mention.

While the Left is busy finding new reasons to loathe and further isolate Roseanne, they are unwilling to talk about skeletons in their closet. One that re-emerged in the past day or two is a video shot sometime between 1999 and 2004 that features a white entertainer painted up to look black and doing a send-up of former pro basketball player Karl Malone, complete with black dialect. Watch:

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If the bit weren’t already mean-spirited enough, the content makes Malone look incredibly stupid.

So which “comedian,” beloved of the Left, is behind the blackface? It’s none other than Jimmy Kimmel, who recorded the bit while he was still host of the sexist (and evidently racist) “Man Show.”

How un-insulting did liberals and the black community find the imitation? So much so that Karl Malone himself recorded a series of “humanizing” videos with Kimmel once the latter began hosting his own late-night talk show for ABC (the same network, n.b., that fired Roseanne).

Hypocritical? You tell me.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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