Former Teacher of the Year dropped from state licensing board for calling Trump a ‘sh*thole’

Former Teacher of the Year dropped from state licensing board for calling Trump a ‘sh*thole’
Amy Hewett-Olatunde (Image: Hamline University)

Academia is overrun with liberals. Examples of this abound. Yet every now and then, a story emerges that reveals that not all individuals dedicated to teaching young impressionable minds have lost their minds.

Consider the story of Amy Hewett-Olatunde, a former “Teacher of the Year” in the state of Minnesota. Hewett-Olatunde was removed from a state licensing board after using an expletive in a social media post critical of the president.

In the post, Hewett-Olatunde took issue with Trump’s reference during an immigration meeting to certain countries that he characterized as “sh*tholes.”

Hewett-Olatunde reacted on her Facebook page, writing:

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He is not worthy, nor are his puppet masters, of human dignity. He is the sh*thole and we should line up to take a dump on him.

A teacher of the year telling people to “take a dump” on the president. Stay classy!

Last week Hewett-Olatunde learned what impact her crude comment would have on her professional life:

Despite the decision, the St. Paul teacher said she doesn’t regret making the comment.

“I stand behind everything I have posted on Facebook,” she said. “I’m not going to apologize for being passionate about something that is affecting my students every day.”

Other social media posts seem to suggest where her loyalties lie:

Despite this image and the caption declaring that Obama is her “always and forever” president, she wants everyone to know she isn’t partisan in any way:

Republican senator Eric Pratt, who took part in the vote not to confirm Hewett-Olatunde, explained that it wasn’t so much the criticism of the president that registered with him as it was the callousness of the tone and language used.

“What sets this candidate apart are the degrading attacks,” he said, “the dehumanization.”

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