Seattle’s plan for combatting homelessness is a masterpiece in liberal self-delusion

Seattle’s plan for combatting homelessness is a masterpiece in liberal self-delusion

Liberals are constantly touting their intellectual superiority. Even when they are acknowledging their own acts of abject stupidity — and this they do only half-heartedly — it is only so they can remind themselves that they are able to do so much better by dint of their big, big brains.

It is astonishing that even after all this hubris comes back to bite them in the rump, progressives and their political party of choice, the Democrats, are right back in front of the proverbial stove, reaching out to see if it is hot.

Take the newest law to go on the books in deep-blue Seattle. As the Associated Press reported in a tweet yesterday:

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Make no mistake about it. Homelessness is a gigantic problem in the nation, and among urban centers Seattle is right up there, behind New York City and Los Angeles, with 11,643 homeless people.

Nor is this an easy problem to solve. Seattle knows that only too well, having taken part in an experiment along with other cities in the Pacific Northwest that involved placing homeless “residents” in tiny (read: 10-by-12-foot) houses.

That didn’t work, and neither did dozens of other “fixes” that, if anything, attracted more homeless people from other parts of the country.

So now Seattle is on to plan X — which is to punish big businesses with a “head tax” so that the City Council has more money to spend on the homeless problem.

Some reactions to the AP’s tweet:

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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