Next step for Trump is to support popular revolt in Iran that is now fomenting thanks to him

Next step for Trump is to support popular revolt in Iran that is now fomenting thanks to him
Image via Powdered Whig Society

I remain amazed at the level of ignorance in America regarding developments in the Middle East.

While the mainstream media have been busy 24/7 hammering home the point that pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal is foolishly dangerous, the reality on the ground in that terrorist state is very different.

The Iranian people have a new hero and are voicing their love and gratitude for his support. The Twitter hashtag #ThankYouTrump is trending among the Iranians who are now in the early stages of mounting a revolt against the Islamic mullahs and their oppressive leadership.

The Iranians have revolted before but were crushed as Barack Obama watched impassively, not lifting a finger to help an oppressed people in their struggle to free themselves from a brutal regime that summarily executes gays, accused (no need for proof) adultresses, and those rumored to be dissidents against the regime.

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Unlike the middle finger they received from Obama, this time they know there’s a man in the White House who speaks the same language they do. They are reaching out to him, knowing there is reason to be optimistic he will reach back.

#ThankYouTrump is not the only hot new hashtag trending among Iranians. How about MIGA: #MakeIranGreatAgain:

Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison is an ex-Army officer and stone-cold patriot on a mission to restore strict obedience to the U.S. Constitution. He is editor of the blog Powdered Wig Society.


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