Trans fan who is ‘verified’ Twitter user advocates ‘castrating all soldiers and cops’

Trans fan who is ‘verified’ Twitter user advocates ‘castrating all soldiers and cops’
Sarah Sahim (Image via Twitter)

Talk show host and author Michael Savage once noted that liberalism is a mental disorder. If you need proof of Savage’s observation, consider a tweet by a “verified” Twitter user who once bemoaned a memorial for soldiers that served in Afghanistan. In the tweet, one Sarah Sahim, who posts under the handle “support our trans lads,” responds to news of a wounded soldier’s successful penis and scrotum transplant by wishing him and calling for all police and soldiers to be castrated.

Here is the initial report, which was also highlighted on Twitter:

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And here is Sahim’s well-considered reaction:

Which minutes later devolved into this:

That sparked a great deal of anger from many:

One person wondered:

Good question. According to Twitter, a “verified” account indicates that “an account of public interest is authentic”:

An account may be verified if it is determined to be an account of public interest. Typically this includes accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas. A verified badge does not imply an endorsement by Twitter.

So who is this person? We’ve never heard of her before now so we decided to take a look. According to her Twitter bio, the user is “yet another writer.” That says a lot.

Clicking on a link in her bio to tells us:

I’m a 23-year-old Birmingham-based freelance culture journalist with a focus in music, comedy and television. I also moonlight writing about beauty, tech, space, race and politics because I’m incredibly talented/I like everything. Wow. Nuance.

Wow, indeed.

That really doesn’t tell us much, but in an article at the UK Independent, Sahim describes herself as “a woman of Afghan descent born in Britain.” And it seems she really doesn’t think much of the sacrifices made by soldiers who fought in Afghanistan:

Afghans and Iraqis have no ulterior motive when helping their own, whereas westerners all too often do so for power, wealth, and control over resources.

As a piece of British history, the memorial plays into the idea of white soldiers “saving” Afghan and Iraqi civilians, when all they’ve done is cause countless casualties and deaths, ruining the respective countries to add to the British government’s hefty list of invasions. Where is this “freedom” we and the people of the respective countries were promised? Is it Isis occupying Iraq? The increase of Islamophobic attacks worldwide? Or is it the likelihood that anyone who “looks” Muslim will be heavily searched an airport?

It feels like [sic] this memorial serves as a justification for the actions taken by Blair and his peers. War prevails because Britain prevails as a result. It was Thatcher’s victory in the Falkland Islands that gave her popularity a much needed boost, after all. But unlike the Falklands, these wars have been the longest in British history, which only goes to show that these pursuits have simply been a failure.

So, what is it we’re celebrating with the memorial besides poor judgment from white people and the genocide of brown people? British imperialism and the pursuit of power.

It seems we’ve stumbled onto the underlying reason for her hatred of men who have suffered in combat.

Exit question: Will Twitter take action against this user?  We’re not holding our breath.

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