Liberal judge who named Hannity as ‘client’ of Michael Cohen urged to do so by lawyer for CNN, NYT

Liberal judge who named Hannity as ‘client’ of Michael Cohen urged to do so by lawyer for CNN, NYT
Sean Hannity Image: YouTube screen grab)

Anyone who doubts that the so-called mainstream media long ago abdicated their responsibility to report the news in favor of creating the news will have a hard time explaining away a tweet posted Monday by The Atlantic’s Natasha Bertrand.

In the tweet, Bertrand, who is also a contributor to NBC News, asserted that U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood was all set to receive the name of Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s third client under seal when an attorney approached the bench and argued that the press and public had a right to know the man’s identity. Wood agreed and released the name, which was, as we now all know, Sean Hannity.

And while we’re outing attorneys’ clients, the attorney who urged the judge to reveal Hannity’s name represents The New York Times and CNN!

Here’s Bertrand’s tweet:

Here’s another naming the attorney:

CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz confirms the story.

So does the Times itself:

Robert D. Balin, a lawyer for various media outlets, including The New York Times, CNN and others, interrupted the hearing to argue that embarrassment was not a sufficient cause to withhold a client’s name, and Judge Wood agreed.

After Mr. Hannity was named, there were audible gasps from the spectators.

“So liberal attorneys are now colluding with liberal judges against conservatives,” Jim Hoft wrote at the Gateway Pundit. “Good to know.”

Following the revelation, the media went into overdrive in its attacks Hannity but apparently had no problem with the role played by an attorney working for various liberal media outlets.

Hannity, for his part, has hit back, saying he is not a client of Cohen’s but merely sought legal advice and perspectives on issues like real estate.

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