Soulless liberal heathens attack grieving father of Parkland victim because of his t-shirt

Soulless liberal heathens attack grieving father of Parkland victim because of his t-shirt
Andrew Pollock

On Thursday, Twitchy reported that one of the still-in shock and grieving parents of the senseless Parkland high school shooting was a man named named Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter in Wednesday’s massacre.

At a time like this, one would expect all Americans to join together and grieve as a nation over a tragic loss of young lives. In the past, that is precisely what we have done. But not anymore.

Instead, Andrew Pollack has been the target of hatred from the “tolerant” Left because of the t-shirt he was wearing in a photograph taken Wednesday, before he knew his daughter’s fate.

The shirt is emblazoned with the message “Trump 2020.”

Here’s just a small sample of the mud being slung his way:

Some commenters repeated the lie being pushed by the mainstream media that Trump signed legislation that makes it easier for people with mental illness to get guns, while others tried — but failed — to sound reasonable in their antipathy for Andrew Pollock:

We can’t even imagine the pain Pollack is feeling right now. To attack him while the wounds of his loss are still open isn’t just cruel — it’s evil, and a number of commenters said so:

Eventually, the noise will die down, and the people who wrote these heartless messages will go on with their regularly scheduled hating, clinging to the misinformed and one-sided beliefs.

Barack Obama may have been right when he called out certain Americans as “bitter clingers.” He was wrong, however, in which segment of the population is deserving of that distinction.

Joe Newby

Joe Newby

Joe Newby is an IT professional. He has written for Conservative Firing Line, Examiner, NewsBusters, and Spokane Faith and Values.


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