NYT runs piece highlighting NYC pipe bomber’s charitable work

NYT runs piece highlighting NYC pipe bomber’s charitable work
Akayed Ullah (Image: Police photo)

Who said The New York Times doesn’t have the holiday spirit? A week after Bangladeshi national Akayed Ullah detonated a pipe bomb near New York City’s bustling Port Authority Bus Terminal at the height of rush hour, claiming he was inspired by ISIS, the Times turned the other cheek.

On Tuesday, the paper of record ran a story with the headline “Subway Bomb Suspect’s Mysterious Act of Mercy.” The focus of the piece was on Ullah’s charity work in his native country to help Rohingya refugees who had fled neighboring Myanmar.

The tribute, by Times writer Jeffrey Gettleman, chronicles how the selfless Ullah made an all-night bus trip across Bangladesh on a visit home to dispense “a few hundred dollars of medicine in the crowded refugee camps.” What a guy! Anyone else seeing sainthood written all over this 27-year-old?

In fact, the deplorable conditions in which he found the Rohingya may have been factor in his decision upon returning home to New York to try to kill as many heathens as he could.

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“When he left, he seemed happy,” said his mother-in-law, Mahfuza Akhter, is quoted as saying. “But when he returned, he was so upset. He said those people were living in hell, each and every minute.”

Then again, his mission may have been inspired by al Qaeda, who urged Muslims to deliver not just medicine but weapons to the Rohingya.

In publishing this story, is the Times following the lead of Barack Obama, who was determined to get inside the mind of Islamic terrorists as a means to defusing their murderous intent, or are has the paper simply gone off the deep end?

(h/t Washington Free Beacon)

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