Muslim coed who lied about Trump supporter attacking her on subway pleads guilty

Muslim coed who lied about Trump supporter attacking her on subway pleads guilty
Yasmin Seweid (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Yesterday, basking in the glow of the Virginia gubernatorial election returns, which anointed Democrat Ralph Northam the state’s next governor, the Latino Victory Fund vowed to double down on its obscene smear campaign.

Its first ad, which showed minority children running away from a pickup truck sporting a Confederate flag and “Gillespie for governor” bumper sticker, was beyond shameful.

As this outfit continues to spread its deceitful message about imagined white supremacy and racism, it is receiving aid and comfort from a number of independent contractors who continue to perpetrate race hoaxes.

The latest is a Muslim teen who claimed in December 2016 that she was attacked by drunken Trump supporters as she boarded a New York City subway train. The woman, Yasmin Seweid, has since admitted to inventing the incident and has agreed to a plea deal to lessen the effect of the charges brought against her.

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Initially, New York’s Daily News reports:

Seweid, of New Hyde Park, L.I., said hate-filled white men harassed her and tried to snatch the hijab off her head during an encounter on the No. 6 train on Dec. 1.

At her hearing, the prosecutor read an apology letter from her that said, “I was stupid. I plan to continue to find ways to better myself.”

One way of bettering herself would be to tune out groups like the Latino Victory Fund, which help foster the myth that minorities are routinely persecuted in an America that elected Donald Trump president.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."