Dem Sen. Sherrod Brown calls Trump senior advisor ‘white supremacist’

Dem Sen. Sherrod Brown calls Trump senior advisor ‘white supremacist’

During the interminable Obama years, it was customary for Democrats to call anyone who disagreed with their radical policies a racist. Now that a different president is in the White House, Dems have altered their mud-slinging to favor white supremacist, a variation on the same theme.

As previously, the slur is tossed about with utter abandon. In an interview with The New York Times on Friday, Rep. Frederica Wilson upped the ante on her use of the insult du jour, declaring that the White House “is full of white supremacists.”

The overuse of the term, apart from being juvenile and divisive, dilutes it and makes it meaningless. That didn’t prevent Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown from calling Steve Bannon a white supremacist while appearing on CNN Sunday and intimating that Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, “seems” to be a white supremacist. His proof consisted of unnamed “studies.”

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This latest round of name-calling didn’t sit too well with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who sharply criticized Brown. According to The Daily Caller, Sanders said in a statement

Senator Brown’s comments are outrageous and slanderous. The nonstop name calling from the left continues to show an inability to build consensus and fix the problems ailing hardworking Americans. Senator Brown needs to understand that when he calls out public servants who are part of the Trump Administration, he is indicting the voters in Ohio themselves who overwhelmingly voted for the President’s agenda.

Instead of performing theater for the extreme left fringe, his time would be better spent fighting for everyday people by supporting the Trump Agenda of pro-worker trade and immigration policies that will raise wages and living standards for all Americans.

Brown also got hammered on Twitter:

The answer to that last rhetorical question is “CNN and the insane Left.” Remember, CNN — the cable outlet now seen by many as the least-trusted name in network news according to a study reported on by the Washington Free Beacon in January — said not too long ago that all of Trump’s voters are white supremacists by default.

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