Obama lackey says someone else made unmasking requests using her name

Obama lackey says someone else made unmasking requests using her name

The investigation into the Obama administration’s unmasking of innocent American citizens continues to move forward, but also continues to grow more convoluted.

In recent weeks we’ve learned that former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power was responsible for requesting Americans be “unmasked” some 260 different times during her final year in the administration.

It’s an odd realization because Power was not leading one of our intelligence agencies or working in an investigative role. So why would she need such highly classified intelligence?

On Tuesday, the lead House investigator, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who heads the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News that she may not have done it at all.

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From Fox News:

Gowdy revealed … that Power was “emphatic” on the point that someone else in the Obama administration made the unmasking requests that have been attributed to her…

“She would say those requests to unmask may have been attributed to her, but they greatly exceed by an exponential factor the requests she actually made,” Gowdy told Fox’s Bret Baier.

“Her perspective, her testimony is, ‘they may be under my name, but I did not make those requests.’”

“We’ve got to get to the bottom of that,” Gowdy said.

“If there is someone else making requests on behalf of a principal in the intelligence community we need to know that because we’re getting ready to reauthorize a program that also has a masking component to it.”

This is a very serious problem. In fact, it means that the issue of unmasking in the Obama administration was even more severe than we originally realized. Not only was someone unmasking Americans, particularly ones tied to Donald Trump, without reason. Someone was doing so while pretending to have authorization from higher up the administrative ladder.

What in the world was going on in the Obama White House? And why don’t the media seem more interested in this obvious miscarriage of justice?

In the interview, Gowdy added that former FBI Director James Comey’s story keeps getting more and more unbelievable as investigators realize that his story just isn’t adding up.

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