Why are NFL players justified in taking a knee? P Diddy breaks it out for you

Why are NFL players justified in taking a knee? P Diddy breaks it out for you
P Diddy (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Inevitably, the subject has come back to race. It always comes back to race.

In his remarks in Alabama last Friday, Donald Trump spoke of NFL players as a whole, never mentioning the race of any player. The Left, however, has done the math for us and decided that Trump’s comments were racist because 68% of NFL players are black. (These social justice warriors are conveniently overlooking the fact that this imbalance means the sport lacks diversity, but that’s grist for another column.)

Among those who have stepped forward to explain why the protests are right is Sean “P Diddy” Combs, who tweeted this obscenity, along with a video clip of an interview of New Orleans Saints safety Michael Thomas after last Sunday’s league-wide embarrassment.

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If the unnamed individuals in the tweet are keeping their “foots” on Diddy’s neck, their not doing a terribly effective job of it considering his net worth is estimated at $820 million.

Bennett’s chiding of his interviewer is not quite as silly, but his argument is by no means well thought out. Is somehow who stands to earn a base salary of $1,797,000 for 16 weeks of work really in a position to lecture the nation about equality? What’s more, his rhetorical question to the interviewer — with everything else that’s going on in this world, that’s what you’re concerned about? — could just as easily be turned around: Could Bennett be using his public persona to make a meaningful contribution, or is dishonoring the flag to spite the president the best he can do?

Never mind the answer. That’s a rhetorical question, too.

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Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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