Teachers at public school in Durham stage recreation of toppling of Confederate statue

Teachers at public school in Durham stage recreation of toppling of Confederate statue
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It would be instructive to see the lesson plan that informed this educational demonstration. Among the bulleted goals you might expect to find would be “to teach students the importance of vandalism and mob hysteria as agents of social justice.”

It’s highly doubtful the teachers at the publicly funded School for Creative Studies in Durham, N.C., gave that amount of thought, or any, to their reenactment of the recent toppling of a Civil War memorial to the Confederate dead by a mob of misguided anarchists.

Conservative writer A.P. Dillon tweeted out last night:

Notice that the teacher on the far left of the photo (how appropriate!) is wearing a bandito mask in solidarity with Antifa, while a woman in the back has her fist raised à la Black Lives Matter. The cretins in the foreground meantime are shown mimicking the actions of the mob who defiled the real statue two weeks ago by kicking and stomping on an effigy — in this case a model of a skeleton borrowed ostensibly from the biology lab. It is wearing a dunce cap, but clearly there are more deserving heads in this picture.

I’m guessing that this lesson is one-off, though if the teachers wanted to follow up on this theme, they could do a recreation of the aftermath of the desecration by showing some of the teachers being rounded up by others and placed in handcuffs. But that would actually teach a real lesson, so it will probably be rejected.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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