CNN’s Don Lemon melts down over Phoenix rally, accuses Trump of ‘trying to ignite’ civil war

CNN’s Don Lemon melts down over Phoenix rally, accuses Trump of ‘trying to ignite’ civil war

On Tuesday, CNN propagandist Don Lemon melted down over President Trump’s Phoenix rally, falsely claiming the president is “trying to ignite a civil war” in America.

According to Lemon:

[Trump] has given oxygen to racists. He hasn’t really said anything that denounced the alt-right. He talked about the KKK and whatever. He hasn’t really done that. He is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country.

Apparently Lemon is blissfully oblivious to the violence on the part of his ideological fellows.

“He has not tamped down race. And I’m just going to say, if he was on my team, in this newsroom, and said those things, he would be escorted out of the building by security,” he went on to say.

Never mind the fact that Trump has denounced white nationalists, the KKK, and neo-Nazis on multiple occasions.

Lemon wasn’t quite finished. He also called Trump’s speech, “a total eclipse of the facts.” This from the man who floated a theory that a jetliner was swallowed by a black hole:

He Well, what do you say to that? I’m just going to speak from the heart here. What we witnessed is a total eclipse of the facts. Someone who came out on stage and lied directly to the American people and left things out that he said in an attempt to rewrite history, especially when it comes to Charlottesville. He’s unhinged, it’s embarrassing, and I don’t mean for us, the media because he went after us, but for the country. This is who we elected president of the United States. A man who is so petty that he has to go after people he deems to be his enemy, like an imaginary friend of a six-year-old.

His speech was without thought, without reason, devoid of facts, devoid of wisdom. There was no gravitas. There was no sanity there. He was like a child blaming a sibling on something else. He did it. I didn’t do it. He certainly opened up the race wound from Charlottesville. A man clearly wounded by rational people abandoning him in droves, meaning the business people and the people in Washington now questioning his fitness for office and whether he is stable. A man backed into a corner, it seems, by circumstances beyond his control and his understanding. That’s the truth. If you watch that speech as an American, you had to be thinking, what in the world is going on? This is the person we elected as president of the United States? This petty, this small, a person who is supposed to pull the country together? Certainly, didn’t happen there.

Here’s a short video of Lemon’s fact-free statements. Note that the chyron refers to Trump’s speech as “angry” and “divisive.” No bias there, right?

Naturally, Lemons smears and lies didn’t sit too well with folks on Twitter.

Media analyst Mark Dice accurately called Lemon’s smear “enemy propaganda.”

We agree. Keep in mind this is the same Don Lemon who defended Antifa, the violent left-wing group who wants “anarcho-Communism” in America.

And apparently, many others do as well. According to the results of a study published in January by the Washington Free Beacon, CNN is now viewed by many as the least-trusted name in network news.

And now you know why.

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Howard Portnoy

Howard Portnoy

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