Anti-Trump activist teams being $15K for just one month of resistance

Anti-Trump activist teams being $15K for just one month of resistance

Unable to put America to work during the eight years of Barack Obama, now at least some part of the radical Left is trying to infuse a little cash into the system. An organization called Fight For The Future is looking to pay an “A-Team” of anti-Trump foot soldiers up to $15,000 for the first month of working to “resist” the President of the United States.

To start, we’re going to select some of the strongest teams for funding. So if you’ve got a 2-3 person A-Team and a target, you should apply. We’d potentially give you $15,000 for the first month, just to see what you can do.

Previously Fight For The Future was content to organize online protests against the removal of net neutrality rules and similar efforts against “the system.” But this is a major expansion of their efforts. From their website:

You can call Congress, or attend a protest. And you should. But is that it? Why stop there? Why set aside everything you’ve learned, everything you are, to be simply one more terrified person on a phone line, or marching in a street?

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What if you did the following, as well?

  1. Find someone you love to work with.
  2. Pick an issue area and angle.
  3. Do activism full-time using every connection, skill, tool, and trick at your disposal — until you win.

Our goal: to convince you to take exactly these steps, give you a playbook, and then potentially fund you.

This is a proposal for defending the world. And it’s a good one. If you’re feeling like the world needs defending right now, keep reading.

Among the issues Fight for Freedom identifies as crucially important:

  • Healthcare / ACA
  • Climate [Change Hypothesis]
  • [supporting illegal] Immigration
  • The Wall
  • Impeachment
  • Police
  • Economic populism
  • Racism / Fascism
  • Renewable energy




“Fight For The Future” is a 501(C)(4), which means it can participate in some political activity. Unlike 501(c)(3) organizations, 501(c)(4) organizations can legally participate in political activity in support of or opposition to candidates for office. These political activities cannot be the organization’s primary activities and cannot take the form of direct donations to a candidate for office or a candidate’s committee. So depending how much time and cash they spend on the anti-Trump project, the effort may be perfectly kosher to the IRS.

This organization isn’t fighting for the future. It is fighting for divisiveness and political gridlock. But then again what do you expect from an organization at least partially funded by George Soros.

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

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