White model claims she successfully ‘transformed’ herself into black woman

White model claims she successfully ‘transformed’ herself into black woman

Move over, Rachel Dolezal. White German model Martina Big not only identifies as a black woman. Technically, she is a black woman, judging from some — if not all — of the selfies she has posted.

Big’s secret to passing for black was excessive tanning and plastic surgery. She also used tanning injections to become “African dark.” According to the New York Post, she also augmented her bra size to a 32S cup through implants, though I’m not sure that black woman alone have outsize breasts or that all black women do. In any case, she was already pretty well-endowed, judging from her pre-transformation pictures, one of which appears at the end of this post.

During a trip to the famous Hollywood sign, Big said that “last time I visited this with blonde hair and white skin — and now I’m a black woman with African hair.”

According to a June Facebook post, she still views herself as a work in progress. To make the transformation complete, she plans to have her butt enlarged and acquire “African facial features.” Nothing like to playing to stereotype.

One ostensibly black individual on Facebook took offense at Big’s post, writing:

This is not okay. Just goes to show how we’ll just never get to enjoy our culture in peace. Can you admire our culture from a distance and don’t try to become us like we’re a costume. Our women come in different shapes and sizes, different skin complexions.. the image you’ve depicted is not a typical African American women… it’s what we’re stereotyped to be.

Another user wrote that Big’s desire to undergo a racial transformation is a form of mental illness.

Despite backlash, Big reiterated her strong desire to become a black woman. “[This is] the most beautiful gift in the world,” she said, adding that she is planning on permanently converting to a black ethnicity.

For those curious, here is what Big looked like prior to her transformation:

Martina Big (Image: YouTube screen grab via This Morning)

This report, by Gabrielle Okun, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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