Trump has been exonerated, so where does this leave the media?

Trump has been exonerated, so where does this leave the media?
'Hey, buddy, can you spare a story?'

The answer, sadly, is back at Square One. Now that the Left’s much-anticipated day of reckoning has come and gone, with former FBI Director James Comey testifying in essence that the president had done nothing that called obstruction by any serious jurist, nothing will change. The media will comb the testimony, looking for something to hang their j’accuse on, find nothing … and continue their attacks on Donald Trump.

It’s already begun. CNN has grudgingly issued a “correction” to its slam-dunk story of how Comey would hang Trump out to dry, and The New York Times is scrambling to explain to readers how it got the narrative right, even though everything it has published on the story to date is wrong.

As the media comb through the rubble of their all-out assault on the president, a single shiny object has grabbed their attention. That is Comey’s having testified that Trump is a liar. Apart from the very different posture they would be assuming if Comey had called his previous boss a liar, the whole affair is ridiculous.

Rush Limbaugh noticed and railed against it during his most recent radio show:

That, by the way, is one of the first things Comey said: His feelings were hurt. [Impression] “I feeling really hurt. The president lied about me, he lied about the FBI, and I just want to say: You agents of the FBI, I have never been honored more and I have never been happier and I have never been more proud to work with a great bunch of people like you! And it really hurt my feel when the president lied about me and lied about you!” [Scoffs] Save me! What is this, Boys Nation? What are we, a bunch of 16-year-olds here?

Anyway, CNN has been running that graphic. That’s the big news to them, that Comey said that “the Trump administration lied about me and the FBI.” That’s what I mean. CNN, as far as they’re concerned, no need to change anything here because Comey admitted that Trump lied, period. Doesn’t matter about what. So we have audio sound bites. We’re gonna make… We’re gonna do this, folks, understand this. But I’m just telling you that Trump has been fully exonerated of everything you think, based on the media, he did. He has been fully exonerated — and damn it, it’s not gonna change anything.

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